Mennesker med rollatorer



Grethe is a happy, positive, outgoing lady at 77 years. She used to walk with a cane, because she suffers from dizziness.

Grethe is 174cm heigh, suffers from Osteoarthritis in her legs and takes heart medicin. She enjoys her freedom to be able to walk to the baker, hair dresser, bank, doctor, pharmacie in the area and to go to the Slagelse Music House thanks to her BagRollator.

”It is the best thing I have ever done for my selv - to buy this BagRollator” says Grethe.

For one and a half month, Grethe had not been out doors. Then, she bought her BagRollator in December 2010 and decided that now she must go out!

”A lot of people could have great advantages from this BagRollator! It is like when you get a dog. You get to talk with a lot of people.”

Says Grethe, because a lot of people approach her to ask, what it is she is walking with [referring to the grip that looks like a grip from a baby pram]. She continues:

”And then it is a huge advantage that there is a lid on the bag and seat. People who walk with a traditionel rollator” [she refers to a rollator in her building] ”they keep their bag in the basket and anyone can walk right up and steal it”.

Grethe describes, that her friends are thrilled but talk about that this BagRollator is not one, you can get from the social services. You have to buy it yourself - like Grethe did.

Grethe continues: ”Now I'm going with my BagRollator to Kvickly. I put the shopping basket on top of the seat and collect my groceries in it. Then I drive to the cashiers and pack my groceries in the bag. It is really well thought through”.

Gitte bought a PROMENADE BagRollator for her mothers 80 years Birthday in Martch 2010:

”I chose this type of rollator because my mother under no circumstances would accept a traditional rollator.

For her, it is about vanity. The PROMENADE BagRollator is cool and is not associated with old age and sickness.

My mothers problem is that she cannot carry groceries home from the city. She rarely goes shopping, thus she has many groceries, when she does shop. Here, there is lots of room for a lot of groceries."

Gitte continues:

"Personally I would not have any problems using the BagRollator when I go shopping myself if I didn't have a car. For daily shopping - young as well as elderly person.

So I have chosen the BagRollator 100 % because of the cool design and the functionality with the big bag.”

At the Center for Assistive Technology in Frederiksberg Munipality they confirm that there are a lot of nice looking ladies (with hat and coat) who do not want to use a traditional rollator because they find it ugly and stigmatizing. They walk with cane and trolley instead, which in many cases leads to falling or unappropriate wear down on shoulders, back, neck and hands..

Occupational Therapist in rehabilitation center Copenhagen Municipality confirms, that the closed push-handle and brake grip on BagRollator is useful for people with one functional arm only. .

In a report from the Danish Institute for Assistive Technology (Åse Brandt, 2000): ”User Satisfaction with rollators” it was concluded that there was need for product development of rollators, so they become leight weight, easier to handle more stable in direction, and easier to climb curbs etc. Quote: "There seems to be the need for development of a specific technical shopping aid."