Mennesker med rollatorer


PROMENADE BagRollator with red or black framebag


rød taskerollator med lukket taske
  • Look good and save your strength.
  • Keep a dynamic walking posture.
  • Manouver and brake with only one hand.
  • RCD - EU Registered Community Design and Mini Patented 2007.
  • Honored by the health care industry as number 3 in the competition of 'Best New Product' in 2009 when it was only a prototype.
  • Exhibited in the Danish Design Center exhibition ”Challenge Society” 2011.


sort taskerollator med åben taske

  • Comfortable resting seat hidden inside framebag.
  • No need to struggle and carry heavy load - there is room for approx. 40L in the spacious bag.
  • Place the cane or crutch in the inside of the bag.


  • The product is tested in accordance with the international standard for walking aids: ISO 11199-2005:2 at the Test Laboratory, Danish Institute Of Assistive Technology in 2010.
  • The product complies with requirements for safety, durability, functionality, and ergonomics. There for it is allowed to market it as medical device class 1 and use the CE-label.
  • The product is chosen by Danish Municipalities for users with one hand, because of the unique grip and brake-handle that can be operated with one or two hands. (HMI no. 51636).