Mennesker med rollatorer

PROMENADE BagRollator - black framebag (HMI nr. 51636)


sort taskerollatorsort taskerollator med åben taske og synligt hvilesæde og stok

  • Ergonomic push handle that enable flexible hand positions and supports easy driving with 1 or 2 hands.
    Grip height 85-100cm above ground level.
    No tools required - can be assembled by hand.
  • Easy activating of handbrake for parking and walking with 1 or 2 hands. Light pressure down activates parking brakes, light pull up activates walking brakes.
  • Padded resting seat is hidden inside the framebag. Seat height approx. 60cm above ground level. Can be folded up.
  • Tilting pedal on back wheels makes it easy to climb steps and curbs.
  • Front of bag is equipped with a strap for lifting e.g. into bus or train.
  • 4 black tires are punckture free, and 2 swivel wheels in front, offer unique driving abilities.
  • Space enough for approx. 40L inside the framebag, that closes with magnets.
  • Cane or crutch can be fitted inside the framebag - in the sides.
  • Light weight aluminium frame (8,5 Kilo) offer unique driving abilities.
  • Recommended max. userweight 100 Kilo by 20 Kilo in the bag.
  • Visit Danish Social Agency; Assistive Technology base for further details regarding PROMENADE BagRollator.